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What is the One Gamer Fund?
The One Gamer Fund is a collaboration between 7 gaming nonprofits for a massive online fundraiser. The One Gamer Fund is an opportunity for gamers to give back to gamers and help make our community even better.
What nonprofits are involved?
The seven nonprofits are: Child’s Play, Ablegamers Charity, Stack Up, Take This, IGDA Foundation, Games for Change, and the Global Game Jam.
How can I support you?
You can donate on this page, buy the End of Summer Bundle on Steam, buy a t-shirt from the Yetee, donate to one of our charity Twitch streamers, and you can share about this on social media. If you are a business and would like to donate a large amount of money, please reach out to us on social media or by email at info@onegamerfund.org.
Why does it say the IGDA Foundation when I go to donate?
The IGDA Foundation is, well, a...foundation. Which means that it is really good at giving money to other charities. So while it is a part of the charity, it is also collecting all of the funds to pass on to the other charities.